Managers Support Programs

Managers Support Program
It is dedicated for Directors and Managers. We work together in 1-on-1 sessions focusing on daily management challenges which often involve: strategising, setting goals, establishing KPIs and control metrics, planning, delegating, people management, communication.
We handle each topic with systematic approach involving definition and analysis of

  • present stage,
  • reasons for change,
  • desired outcome,
  • possible solutions,
  • execution supervision.

Each of the session findings are summarised in a written report for best efficiency and clarity of work. For natural reasons, desired level of confidentiality is maintained throughout the whole cooperation cycle.

Depending on the matter of advisory, it is provided with

  • intensive schedule of meetings to solve a particular issue
  • regular weekly or bi-weekly meetings, to provide regular support in various business cases and situations.

Cooperation starts with a 30-minute Discovery Meeting, which is free of charge, confidential and holds no obligation for future cooperation. Based on the outcome of this meeting we decide on the form and plan for cooperation.